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Biometric Solutions

Human Element Biometrics creates and integrates cost-effective, easy to use biometric based solutions.

With our solutions, identity based risks are practically eliminated - whether validating customers and members, or securing sensitive processes.  Along with the added security comes convenience and increased productivity - saving time and money.

Our Featured Solutions:

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Streamlines leave, attendance and activity scheduling and tracking. PresencePoint provides the needed accountability by requiring fingerprint scans to validate actions and logging entries.

» Halfway House Facilities
» Work Release Programs
» Court Ordered Counseling Services
» Parole Tracking
» Drug Courts
» Community Corrections

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Validates your member’s and accountholder’s identities using a fingerprint scan. BioTran takes the guesswork out of the verification process.

» Credit Unions
» Banks
» Tanning Salons
» Health Spas
» Retal Store Loyalty Programs
» Casino Player Programs

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Fingerprint authorization for secure, one touch sign-on. DigitalPersona Pro®  replaces password based authentication with your fingerprint.

Applications & Benefits:
» Network Login
» Regulatory Compliance
» Reduce Password Managment Costs
» Password Protected Applications
» Password Protected Websites
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