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About Human Element Biometrics

Human Element Biometrics develops and integrates biometric based software systems and solutions. We are passionate about biometric technology and the opportunities that exist with its implementation.  At Human Element Biometrics, we are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to incorporate biometric technology into processes and functions beyond typical security based solutions.

Our Roots
The solutions and services provided by Human Element Biometrics originated as a product set of RG2 Solutions, Inc., a credit union technology integration company. Our experience with biometric technology led us to new products and opportunities outside the core market of RG2 Solutions.

Seeing the increased demand for biometric based solutions, Human Element Biometrics, LLC was formed to apply and promote biometrics across the many target markets we see as the perfect fit for biometric technology.

Our Mission
Our mission is to promote biometric technology and its enormous potential by creating solutions that increase security, accountability and convenience.
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