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Scheduling and Monitoring
Developed for corrections, counseling and court based services, PresencePoint is a comprehensive system for scheduling and tracking activities that require strict supervision and monitoring.

Fingerprint Scan Provides Auditable Proof
Biometric fingerprint verification for each of the functions provide the accountability needed for proof and auditing of the activities being monitored. Activities such as:
• Leave/Return Schedules (work, church, approved leave)
• Day / Weekender Programs
• Counseling Sessions or Meetings
• Court Ordered Education (DUI Court, Drug Court)
• Roll Calls / Counts
• Community Service
• Parole Monitoring
• Drug Testing

Eliminates Paper Schedules and Logs
PresencePoint eliminates paper based schedules and logs by providing a computer based scheduling system for leave, attendance or other activities. Front-line employees now have correct and up to the minute information allowing them to make proper authoritative decisions. All activities are automatically logged in the system and identities are verified by a fingerprint scan.

A Complete View
Your facility now has a complete and comprehensive view of the people and activities scheduled and monitored for reporting and audit purposes in a convenient and easy to use system.

Halfway House Facilities
Work Release Programs
Community Corrections
Parole Tracking
Drug Courts
DUI Courts
Drug Testing Services
Court Ordered Counseling Services
Reimburseable Services

Replaces paper logs
Eliminates error-prone processes
Demonstrates pro-active accountability
Promotes community awareness
Reports at the touch of a button
Validates reimbursement claims
Saves time and speeds up manual logs
Increases employee confidence

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PresencePoint Modules:
 • Leave/Return Schedule & Log
 • Day/Weekender Schedule & Log
 • Attendance/Activity Schedule & Log
 • Drug Dispensing Schedule & Log
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