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Membership and Account Validation
BioTran™ is a fast and convenient system for accurately verifying members, accountholders and customers with a simple touch of a finger.

Reduce the Risk of Identity Fraud
Identity theft and fraud is valid concern. BioTran can greatly reduce the risk of identity fraud and remove the burden for employees regarding the task of verifying customers through other means.

Privacy is Preserved
Because the information regarding the fingerprint is only a template of its features and characteristics, privacy is preserved. The fingerprint image cannot be reproduced from the stored template.  Read more about biometrics and privacy.

Accurately validates identity
Reduces opportunity for fraudulent transactions
Increases convenience for members/customers
Promotes pro-active stance against fraud
Eliminates guess work
Increases employee confidence
Saves time
Saves money – no more ID cards

Credit Union & Bank Transactions
Safe Deposit Vault Access Validation
Tanning Salons
Health Spas/Gyms
Store Loyalty Programs
Casino Player Programs

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