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Biometrics - Privacy and Other Concerns

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Below is information to help you with privacy issues and other concerns and objections that might be raised regarding our biometric solutions.

What about privacy?
The question regarding personal privacy and the usage of biometrics will probably be raised at some point. Here are some facts to present regarding privacy.

When a fingerprint is scanned using the fingerprint sensor an encrypted template of the features and characteristics is created. Only the template is what is stored inside a database. The image of the fingerprint is not stored. Also, the template cannot be reverse engineered to reproduce the fingerprint image.

Using the fingerprint for matching outside sources
The template created is not considered a "forensic" or AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) based fingerprint scan which require the fingerprint image. As previously stated, the fingerprint image is never retained. The template cannot be used to scan against arbitrary fingerprint libraries or populations.

What can happen if my fingerprint template is "stolen" from a database
First we will explain the fingerprint templates usage in our solutions: There are two types of templates: A registration template and a verification template. A registration template is created and securely stored when you first enroll your fingerprint. The verification template is generated when a match is being performed.

The important fact to understand is that a fingerprint match can only be performed by matching a verification template to a registration template. A registration template cannot be compared to another registration template. This means that if for some reason the database system is breached and a hacker is able to take copies of the templates, they are really of no use to anyone because they can’t be reverse engineered and as a registration template it is only half of the useful entity. Think of it as someone stealing a lock that has no way of making a key to match it. A lock without a key is worthless.

What about germs and sanitary issues?
This is a question that will come up as an objection, but in terms of every day life is not of any major concern.

Touching the reader has, in reality, no more dangers than touching anything else in public areas. For example: ATM machines, door knobs/handles, escalator or staircase handrails, water fountains, etc. We will cite a normal trip to your bank... To enter the bank you will probably have to touch and open two sets of doors, touch the teller counter where others have been before you, touch the same ink pen to sign a receipt as the previous customer, then touch the same two doors to exit the facility.
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